Our Research and Development departments aim to cooperate with companies active in compatible research and supply areas.

Through co-development activities we aim to create added value to the technology/product of our partners often for mutual benefit; 'to share is to multiply'. The senior staff members of the Departments of division Research are opinion leaders in the field, and are at all times willing to discuss your suggestions for co-development. For legal and contract issues please contact the Manager Business Development Research.

To get an idea of the range of research performed at different departments please consult the following pages:

Our co-development contracts define amongst others R&D objective, legal aspects concerning IP-rights and licenses, mutual contributions/responsibilities related to resources (personnel, facilities, financing), management, royalties, deliverables/milestones and related timelines. To ensure confidentiality, Sanquin works with (mutual) Non Disclosure Agreements in order to facilitate exchange of information.
Division Research is familiar with both Dutch and EU regulations/funds to stimulate economic activities in the biotech, blood transfusion and plasma fractionation related and/or pharmaceutical fields. We have successfully obtained funds through cooperative ventures with start-ups, established companies and research institutes.

Last edited on: 11 September 2013