Quality surveys

By regularly participating in quality surveys, laboratories are able to check the reliability of their test results and improve their procedures. Any laboratory in the world may participate in Sanquin's quality surveys.

We provide two quality surveys: 

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IgG subclass Quality Survey

Twice yearly 3 encoded samples (sera from healthy individuals, as well as patients) are distributed among the participating laboratories.
Levels of IgG1, IgG2, IgG3, IgG4 and total IgG are determined by the respective laboratories and all results are statistically evaluated at Sanquin. This procedure is suitable to detect any systematic error in the assays performed by the participating laboratories.

The participating laboratories quantify the four IgG subclasses and total IgG in the three samples, by means of RID, ELISA, nephelometry or other techniques with kits or reagents supplied by division Reagents or by other manufacturers.

The results of IgG subclass determinations on three different samples are pictured in histograms. These results are compared with those from other participating laboratories using the same technique and reagents, as well as with the overall results, obtained by all techniques used. Results are processed via an Internet application.

PeliCase 1 proficiency testing

Pelicase 1 consists of patient and/or donor samples and represents a commonly encountered situation. It requires only routine techniques to solve.
The data of participants will be processed with the Internet based programme PQS (PeliCase Quality Survey).


Last edited on: 22 October 2015