OEM: Power in partnering

We offer bulk reagents to diagnostic and biotech companies for OEM use.

Download the latest OEM bulk reagents catalogue and /or contact us for more information or business deals.

Our expertise is recognized and our quality bulk products are appreciated by the world's largest diagnostic and biotech companies. Our antibodies are used not only for research kits, but also for diagnostic purposes in flow cytometry and nephelometric applications. Since the 1980’s we supply bulk reagents to these companies.

Next to the supply of the products, we also excel in the co-operation and partnership we have with those companies. Recently we developed assays that are the world standard in IgG subclasses measurements in close collaboration with a diagnostic company. In the past we did the same with flow cytometry reagents for another diagnostic company.

With the back-up of a large research division we are able to use their knowledge and skills to develop new antibodies and assays with and for partners worldwide.

Last edited on: 22 October 2015