IgG subclass reagents for the diagnosis of disturbed immune responses

Division Reagents of Sanquin Blood Supply offers a broad range of kits and reagents for the determination of IgG subclass concentrations.


Human IgG subclass IMMAGE Plus kit CE IVD
for application on the Beckman Coulter IMMAGE / IMMAGE 800 nephelometers
Human IgG subclass RID kit CE IVD
for radial immuno diffusion techniques
Human IgG subclass ELISA kit CE IVD
for enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay
Human IgG subclass monoclonal antibodies
for custom applications


Levels of IgG

Decreased or increased levels of IgG subclasses in serum are associated with several diseases.
Deficiencies of IgG subclasses are an indication of a disturbed immune response, although asymptomatically decreased IgG subclass levels may occur as well. Deficiencies can occur in single or several IgG subclasses.

Second IUIS / WHO report

Measurement of total levels of IgG subclasses or assessment of the subclass pattern of specific antibodies is essential in patients with increased susceptibility to bacterial infections when the total IgG level is within or slightly below the normal range. It is also useful for research purposes.

Quality Survey

Read more on the Quality Survey, free of charge, that is organized twice yearly for all users of IgG subclass reagents.

More information

For more information on IgG subclasses download (pdf) the booklet 'Human IgG subclasses from Amsterdam’.

Last edited on: 22 October 2015