Trinity Biotech reagents

Division Reagents of Sanquin Blood Supply represents malaria tests from Trinity Biotech in The Netherlands. The products can be ordered directly at


Malaria Total Antibody EIA is a two-step sandwich assay with high sensitivity and specificity for effective screening of malaria-risk blood donors.

A total antibody assay (IgG, IgM, IgA) test detects all 4 plasmodium species providing an effective screen, thus enabling donors to be reinstated more rapidly.

About Trinity Biotech

Trinity Biotech supplies diagnostic kits and reagents that are distributed into over 115 countries globally, focusing on infectious diseases, reagents for blood donor screening and routine clinical chemistry markets.

Trinity Biotech has a professional approach combined with detailed product and market knowledge in all its business areas. This has enabled the company to become a trusted supplier to customers, large and small, throughout the world with customers including a number of aid agencies and various NGO's.

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Last edited on: 27 October 2016