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Division Reagents of Sanquin Blood Supply represents Diaclone products like ELISA’s s for cytokines and CD monoclonals, DIAplex multiplex cytokine tests and ELISpot reagents. The products can be ordered directly at reagentsorders@sanquin.nl.

Product catalogue

Download the product catalogue for kits (pdf) or for antibodies (pdf).

Some highlights from the Diaclone portfolio:


DIAplex assay is a sensitive multiplex fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes from a single sample by flow cytometry.

Utilizing bead populations with distinct fluorescence intensities and unique antibody specificities DIAplex can accurately measure multiple analytes in a single sample with a significantly reduced assay time and sample volume requirement when compared to traditional ELISA techniques.


Diaclone ELISpot products are highly specific immunoassays for the analysis of cytokine and other soluble molecule production and secretion from individual cells in conditions closely comparable to the in-vivo environment with minimal cell manipulation.

ELISpot assay techniques are amongst the most sensitive methods available for cytokine research and benefit from a technically easy performance, rapid detection time and no requirement for expensive equipment or analysis software.

With a large choice of specific antibodies available Diaclone ELISpot assays are a valuable investigative tool for a wide range of research areas.

About Diaclone

High quality is the hallmark of the Diaclone product range, firmly establishing a centre of excellence in Monoclonal Antibody research and immunoassay kit development, built on a history of scientific expertise.

Put the quality to the test by evaluating the Discovery range. Diaclone Discovery formats provide an excellent means to assess the suitability of the products for your current and future needs in a cost effective manner. .

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