Biologics: CE IVD kits for level and antibody testing of TNFα blockers

Drug level tests and Anti-Drug Antibody assays

Treatment with TNFα blockers can be hampered by antibody formation, giving rise to significantly lower or inactive drug levels in the patient. It is therefore of significant importance to monitor drug levels of these so called biologics in the patient during treatment. 
Sanquin has a long-standing history within the field of TNFα blockers. Expert scientists from our division Research are actively involved in studies focusing on the immunogenicity of TNFα blockers and its clinical relevance.

This expertise in combination with extensive experience in assay development has resulted in the development of highly specific tests to monitor biopharmaceutical drug levels in serum and plasma of patients during treatment.

The level tests for adalimumab, infliximab can be performed with our IVD ELISA kits. Etanercept can be performed with our RUO ELISA kits. To see if individuals develop antibodies against biologicals, we developed anti-drug antibody assays (ADA) kits for adalimumab and infliximab. The level and ADA tests can also be performed as a service by our division Diagnostic Services.





Last edited on: 31 July 2017