We offer reagents for blood grouping, IgG subclasses, cytokines, CD monoclonals and MHC tetramers through a worldwide network of distributors. Find out more information on the different product categories below.

For ordering information contact your local distributor.

Download the blood group serology catalogue 2016 (pdf) or
the Immune reagents catalogue 2016 (pdf) 

For those countries where we are not represented by a distributor, please order Sanquin products online via

Blood grouping reagents

Our blood grouping reagents are well known for quality and availability of rare reagents. The gel card Cellbind is remarkably readable.

IgG subclass reagents

Working with IgG subclasses in your laboratory? There is a big chance that they are produced here in Amsterdam. We are one of the few producers world wide of this important parameter. 

T cell immunomonitoring

We offer you partnership in finding the right T cells for your biomarkers. Or we help you speeding up the development of new vaccines. Our MHC tetramers form the heart of our innovating techniques.

CD monoclonals

We offer you a dedicated range of cd-monoclonals to improve your diagnostics for life threatening diseases.


Looking for quality cytokine assays? Learn more about the high sensitivity of our kits and the cost-effectiveness of the antibody pairs.


Toolsets for TNF-blocker determination. 

OEM bulk reagents

We offer bulk reagents to diagnostic and biotech companies for OEM use. 

Off-list Products

Find the unique antibodies we can offer you as off-list products. These products are in early development stage or development has been halted. As such these products have limited literature support and scientific back-up.

Products we distribute in the Netherlands

For customers in the Netherlands we offer products from:

Last edited on: 24 October 2016