Plasma Products

Sanquin prepares and produces plasma pharmaceuticals. Plasma pharmaceuticals are obtained from clustered pools of individual blood or blood plasma (plasmaphaeresis) donations.

Four types of plasma pharmaceuticals are prepared using various isolation techniques: coagulation factors, protease inhibitors, immunoglobulin and albumin.
Furthermore Sanquin exports certain plasma pharmaceuticals, intermediates and offers contract fractionation services.


169x95 Aafact
169x95 Albuman


169x95 Cetor
cofact packs website
GammaQuin website
169x95 HepBQuin
169x95 Nanogam
Nonafact 3 169x95
169x95 RheDQuin
169x95 tetaquin
169x95 VariQuin


Last edited on: 21 February 2017