Complement assays

The function of the complement system is to eradicate pathogens and dispose of dead and dying cells. Deficiencies in complement proteins or in complement regulators, either primary or secondary, may lead to increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases and certain kidney diseases.

At Sanquin not only quantitative tests are performed, we also perform functional tests. Complement function and/or complement protein concentrations may be monitored in the context of response to therapy or to follow disease progression.

The complement tests that we offer in this context and the field of application are mentioned in the table below:

Functional tests Context Antigen conc. tests Context
C1-INH act Angiooedema C1q Angiooedema, autoimmunity
C3NeF MPGN type II / Dense Deposit Disease C3 Autoimmunity, Kidney problems (aHUS, MPGN type II), comsumption
C4-dep MBL deficiency C4 Angiooedema, autoimmunity
CH50 Complement consumption, dosing Biologicals, Eculizumab treatment C1-INH conc Angiooedema
AP50 Eculizumab treatment, Complement consumption C2 Complement consumption classical pathway
fH activity aHUS C5 Complement consumption/deficiency
Consumption context fB Complement consumption alternative pathway
C3d Complement consumption, dosing Biologicals fH aHUS
C5b-9 Eculizumab treatment Anti- C1-INH Acquired angioedema


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Last edited on: 3 November 2015