Sample collection and storage

Sanquin as national bloodbank is very experienced in reliably storing blood and immune cells. We have extensive experience with therapeutic aphaeresis, processing, cryopreservation  and storage of immune cells.  Logistics of transportation of blood and blood products (inter)nationally is one of our core activities.

Furthermore, we are equipped to offer tailor-made solutions for the generation of cellular products for clinical trials in our Laboratory for Cell Therapy. In our new GMP facility we offer the infrastructure with multiple opportunities for translational research in the field of cellular therapies.


Tijssen MR, Woelders H, de Vries-van Rossen A, van der Schoot CE, Voermans C, Lagerberg JW. Improved postthaw viability and in vitro functionality of peripheral blood hematopoietic progenitor cells after cryopreservation with a theoretically optimized freezing curve. Transfusion 2008;48(5):893-901.

Last edited on: 29 October 2015