Biomarker discovery

We have a broad experience in many assays which can help you find a potential new biomarker. These assays include HLA typing, which may contribute to finding patient groups that are more prone to developing certain diseases, and the detection of antigen specific T or B cells.

A biomarker can be used to determine the severity or presence of disease in a patient. A biomarker can be objectively measured and used as an indicator of the state of a pathogenic process/disease or pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention. Well known biomarkers in the cancer field are prostate specific antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer and CA15-3 for breast cancer. Biomarkers can be various substances like hormone levels, protein levels in serum or cell surface markers on certain blood cells. Not only can biomarkers serve as an important diagnostic tool, but they may also be used to select patient groups suitable for specific types of treatment. In a time of ‘tailor-made’ medicine it is crucial to be able to select for patients who are predicted to have a good clinical outcome in response to the specific type of therapy offered.

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Last edited on: 29 October 2015