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Immunomonitoring assays are becoming increasingly important now there is a rapid increase in development of therapies that target or affect the immune system. It can provide proof of mechanism for your drug in development, exploratory additional data during your trials and help select relevant patients. Important steps have been made in the field of immunotherapy, where therapy directly depends on the action of the immune system to achieve efficacy. The current trend is development of ‘tailor-made’ therapies, where patients will receive treatments that are best suited to fit their specific disease.  The overall aim is to increase treatment efficiency, lowering the burden of therapy and enhance cost-effectiveness. Tailor-made therapies require tailor-made studies. Sanquin offers our expertise in immunomonitoring, from study design and execution to tailored-made assays for patient selection and monitoring for therapy efficacy.

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Our services vary from standardized or specific custom-made assays to full co-development trajectories. We offer a broad range of immunomonitoring assays from detecting serum levels of proteins to functional and multivariate analyses of antigen specific T cell responses. Sanquin Blood Supply has a long history of high quality products and long standing experience in humoral and cellular immunology. We combine our innovative research with high-quality diagnostic laboratory services and production of immunological reagents.
There are many advantages to collaborating with Sanquin for your scientific endeavours or product development. Find the most important advantages listed below.

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