Q&Q DNA Home Test

Are you curious about your biological paternity, maternity, parenthood or other family kinship? You can easily perform a non-legal DNA test at home, with the Q&Q DNA Home Test. You collect DNA samples discreetly and confidentially in the privacy of your home. Sanquin will perform the DNA analysis.

The Q&Q DNA Home Test is a service for individuals - a confidential DNA test, which can be ordered online or by phone. It's easy to collect the DNA samples at home with the detailed instructions. This test is suitable for determining kinship in ‘non-legal’ matters or for curiosity about parentage. The results of the DNA Home Test cannot be used for legal purposes

Why a Q&Q DNA Home Test? 

The contents of the DNA collection kit

The DNA collection kit contains all the necessary consent forms and DNA collection materials for conducting a cheek cell swab test:

Secure transportation of your DNA samples 

Sanquin offers you the opportunity to send your DNA samples by registered mail to Sanquin. You will also receive the Sanquin results by registered mail.
Secure transportation is only possible in the Netherlands.

NB. With the information from our DNA tests it is not possible to tell whether a person has a disease or is a carrier of a hereditary disease.

Last edited on: 28 May 2015