Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Blood Supply System in Turkey

Since 2007 Turkey has made several steps towards the safe provision and use of blood and blood products with a new Law on Blood and Blood products, a “Blood and Blood Products Implementing Regulation” and “The National Guideline of Blood Banking”. 

Focus and background

The government chose to start with harmonisation of the European Union legislation on blood and blood components. Full harmonisation, as well as general understanding of this harmonisation process are still ongoing in Turkey.
The Technical Assistance for Strengthening the Blood Supply System (co-funded by EU and Turkey) is aimed to support the improvement process. This will further strengthen and develop the effective functioning of the blood supply system in Turkey and will create self-sustainability within the system.


In this project Consulting Services collaborated in a consortium with German partner and consortium leader, GFA Consulting Group and two Turkish partners Hemosoft and Ankon Consulting.

The management of the project is located in Ankara with backstopping from GFA and Sanquin Consulting Services. The project is executed by the Technical Assistance Team (TAT) and Project Coordination Team.


The project facilitates a number of activities aiming at achieving the following under results:

Services and activities by Consulting Services

Studytour Turkish Blood Supply at Sanquin in Amsterdam

Activities are executed in close cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH), Turkish Red Crescent and Project Team.

Last edited on: 3 September 2015