World Blood Donor Day 2016

Imagine that the people who you saved know who you are

14 june 2014: World Blood Donor Day


Blood donors give patients a chance at recovering their health, staying healthy or improving their quality of life. The fact that they voluntarily give blood en masse is extraordinary, and that's what we celebrate every year on 14 June.

We launched the Geefhetdoor (PassItOn) campaign in 2014. At we asked everyone to thank all blood and plasma donors. Blood donors and patients pass each other every day without knowing it. These anonymous meetings are special, and we've illustrated them in a video clip. Singer-songwriter Isabelle Amé wrote the song "Today" especially for the video.

Isabelle explains: "When I heard about this thank-you campaign, I thought it was such a nice gesture that I was inspired to write this song. The song is about giving and receiving - about the fact that although giving often seems quite ordinary, it's actually a very special thing. In the case of blood donations, it can even amount to 'giving life itself'."

Via social media and newspapers we appealed to everyone to go to and shine a spotlight on all blood donors by sharing the video clip via Facebook and Twitter. You could also add a blood drop to your Facebook and Twitter profile photo with a 'Twibbon'.

Can I give blood right now?

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