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Donate cord blood

Are you pregnant, and considering donating your child's cord blood? This is possible in a hospital or birth centre that works with us. You need to register for this in advance.

Why donate cord blood?

Umbilical cord blood contains blood-forming stem cells. Usually, the cord blood is disposed of after delivery, along with the placenta. The stem cells from cord blood can be used for stem cell transplantations, for instance for people suffering from leukaemia (cancer).

If you decide to donate your child's cord blood, the stem cells from the umbilical cord are registered in an international database. This allows the stem cells to be used to treat a patient. Dutch patients can use this international database as well.

Where can I donate cord blood?

Due to limited resources (such as training for midwives and gynaecologists) it is only possible to donate cord blood in a hospital or birth centre that works with us. The Sanquin Cord blood bank works together with a number of Midwife practices, birth centres and departments of Obstetrics/Gynaecology in hospitals in the regions Leiden, The Hague, Amsterdam, Breda and Utrecht.

Unfortunately, cord blood donation is impossible for home deliveries.

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