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Pregnant? How can I donate my child’s cord blood?

The cord blood is donated directly after the baby is born, once the umbilical cord has been cut. It is entirely painless and without any risk. Care for both mother and child always remains paramount. The exact moment of donation is chosen by the mother and her midwife en takes place at the right moment between birth and afterbirth. A donation of cord blood doesn't have to begin directly after the birth. You can also wait a couple of minutes before the donation starts. Watch this movie for more information.

You can only donate cord blood to the Sanquin Cord blood bank if you give birth in a hospital or birth centre that works with us. You need to register for this in advance.

For more information and the questionnaire

You can ask your midwife or gynaecologist for a questionnaire (to provide medical information) and a brochure containing information. Once you have completed the questionnaire, you can return it to your midwife or gynaecologist during your next visit.

Shortly after the delivery - if cord blood donation has been successful - you may receive a call with questions about the previously completed questionnaire.

Donation is not always possible at Sanquin

Due to limited resources (such as training for midwives and gynaecologists) it is only possible to donate cord blood in a hospital or birth centre that works with us. The Sanquin Cord blood bank works together with a number of Midwife practices, birth centres and departments of Obstetrics/Gynaecology in hospitals in the regions Leiden, The Hague, Amsterdam, Breda and Utrecht.

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