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Donor InSight: Hereditary Factors


Every year about 5% of donors are postponed for a donation due to excessively low haemoglobin (hb). These donors then have to go home without having donated, which is frustrating. An excessively low Hb can be caused by an iron deficiency or decreased production of red blood cells. Some donors appear to be more sensitive to this than others. We examine whether hereditary factors influence Hb and the course of the Hb level after several blood donations.


You may be invited if you took part in a donor study in the past (Donor InSight I and/or II). Participation in this study is only possible by invitation; unfortunately, you cannot volunteer for it. We will ask participants to provide four vials of blood one time for the study. For active donors these vials will be taken from the sample bag; for non-active donors the samples will be taken by means of venous puncture. We will also ask our donors to maintain a menstruation scorecard (women only) and to complete a number of digital questionnaires one time. You can also receive the questionnaires in paper format if you prefer. In this case, please contact the investigator using the contact information below.

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