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Donor InSight: Activity Level Survey


As a part of Donor InSight: Hereditary Factors, we research the activity level of donors. That's because your activity level can (also) influence your haemoglobin (Hb). Questionnaires aren't always reliable and complete, which is why we want to conduct a more comprehensive study with a number of donors with the help of an accelerometer, also called an activity meter. This meter records movement, not what you've done or where you've been.


You can participate in the Activity Level Survey if you signed up during your participation in Donor InSight: Hereditary Factors. Due to a limited number of available activity meters, not everyone who signed up will be able to actually participate. You will be sent an activity meter if you participate. You will wear this meter for seven days when you are awake. During this time you will record on a form when you wore the activity meter. At the end of the study you will get an overview of your physical activity.

 Contact Information researcher

 Donor InSight: Activity Level Survey
 Ms. Rosa de Groot
 Telefoon: 06 - 51 32 54 92

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