You don’t know him, but you can save his life

This is my way of trying to help other people

Ebru Aydin, Utrecht

My name is Ebru Aydin. I’m 25 and live in Utrecht. In January 2016, I donated blood for the fourth time. In this plog (or photo blog), I want to show you how a blood donation works. Come and join me!

How did I become a blood donor?

My colleague was a blood donor and she told me that she donated blood. Wasn't it scary, with needles and everything? "No, it's really quick!" she said. Hmm, maybe I should consider doing it. So I went to find out about it: how does it work, and does their faith allow Muslims to donate blood? I found out that it's fine and that it's a way of helping others. A few weeks later, I registered with Sanquin online. After that, I was given a medical screening.

200x120-blog-donor-foto-1I arrive at Sanquin. The Uithof is my nearest venue.
200x120-blog-donor-foto-2The ladies at reception help me. You get sent a card in advance. Within two weeks, you can go to give blood. 
200x120-blog-donor-foto-3I'm given a red folder and go and sit in the waiting room. This folder contains a form with my details. 
200x120-blog-donor-foto-4I answer the health questions on the form. Have I been ill recently or been on holiday abroad? These questions give an indication as to whether I can give blood at that moment.
200x120-blog-donor-foto-5I can go through to the examination room. The questions in the form are discussed. Then my Hb level (haemoglobin level) and blood pressure are measured. All good?
200x120-blog-donor-foto-6Yes, you can go through! :-)
Both my Hb level and blood pressure were good to be able to give blood today.
200x120-blog-donor-foto-8I take my red folder and take a seat in the waiting area. I wait until it's my turn ….
200x120-blog-donor-foto-9So, it's my turn. I'm asked which side I want to give blood. It's my left arm!
200x120-blog-donor-foto-10I'm ready …
blog-donor-foto-11Within 7 minutes, I give half a litre of blood. This ball helps my blood to flow into the bag faster ;)
200x120-blog-donor-foto-12So, that's half a litre of blood that can go and help other people. That always gives you a good feeling afterwards. I read that 1 donation helps 5 patients. What takes little effort on my part can mean a great deal to someone else.  This is my way of trying to help other people...
200x120-blog-donor-foto-13I can still laugh, so the donation wasn't that hard.
200x120-blog-donor-foto-14After the blood donation, you need to rest for a bit. In this area, you get something to eat and drink.
200x120-blog-donor-foto-15I take a moment for myself. I read the paper, have my chocolate milk and leave. See you next time!

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