You don’t know him, but you can save his life

Do you want to volunteer at the blood bank?

Volunteers help out every day at the collection location, welcoming donors and getting them something to eat or drink. Sanquin Blood Supply is always looking for new volunteers. This allows us to give donors more attention before and after blood or blood plasma donation.

Your Tasks

As a host:

  • you welcome our donors at the collection location
  • you offer them something to drink and a snack
  • you refer donors with questions to the appropriate blood bank employees
  • you provide informational materials
  • you give donors recognition tokens
  • you take care of the donor café, the children's play corner and the magazines

Our expectations

If you want to volunteer with Sanquin:

  • you are enthusiastic and engaged
  • you have a strong sense of responsibility
  • you are careful and attentive
  • you are service oriented and understand volunteering means commitment

What we offer

As a volunteer, you will always have:

  • a pleasant working environment
  • expenses will be covered
  • insurance


Do you want to volunteer at one of our collection locations? Request information about volunteering at Sanquin here.

Are you on unemployment benefits, partial disability or sick leave? Please check with UWV if you can volunteer with Sanquin. If you do not, this may affect your benefits. For your information: Sanquin does not have an ANBI (institution for public advancement) or SBBI (institution with social interests) status.

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