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Blood Bank on wheels

Using the Mobile Donor Centre, MDC for short, Sanquin reaches over 80 towns and cities throughout the Netherlands.

Why a mobile donor centre?

The mobile donor centre is equipped with the required equipment, materials and storage facilities, allowing donation sessions to begin immediately. The MDC meets every hygiene, climate control, privacy and safety requirement. The MDC allows blood donations to continue outside of office hours.

Modern and comfortable

A 'Blood bank on wheels' is a more common sight in other countries, but Sanquin now has five ultramodern trailers in operation. The MDC is an impressive sight. Inspired by the Danish Blood Bank, this trailer can expand on both sides. This allows a large, modern blood bank to unfold, with space for eight beds and three screening rooms. The bright orange chairs are an eye-catcher. With a simple press of the button, they easily rise or fall. Everything in the MDC, down to the blood pressure monitors, is custom made. Donating blood in the MDC is more comfortable and safer than in the temporary locations Sanquin used to have to set up.

Dizzying numbers

The MDC is enormous, with a total surface area of 68 m2. The extending sides are unique, allowing the vehicle to be converted into a spacious donor centre once it is parked. The extending side sections are 10 meters wide. Once the MDC is fully extended, it requires 14 parking spaces. In order to drive away after collections are complete, 20 are needed. The vehicle weighs about 25,000 kilograms. Inside, there is space for 8 collection chairs and 3 screening rooms. Between 70 and 110 donors can use the MDC each day. This amounts to almost 100,000 donations per year.

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