You don’t know him, but you can save his life

About the blood bank

Sanquin is a not-for-profit organisation that provides the blood supply in the Netherlands. Sanquin also plays an important role in transfusion medicine. Sanquin consists of various divisions, including the blood bank.

Blood bank collection locations can be found throughout the Netherlands, where donors are welcome to donate blood or blood plasma. There are about 330,000 donors in the Netherlands, who jointly donate a lot of blood and plasma to help patients in the Netherlands.

Different types of donations

We help patients in different ways. In addition to blood donation, there are also other types of donation. For example:

Recruiting new donors yourself

At the blood bank, we are always looking for new blood donors. That is why we regularly attend national events and sometimes ask our current donors to help us recruit new donors. Do you want to help us recruit donors? Request a donor-recruits-donor packet (in Dutch).

Become a blood donor?

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