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Joost (JA) van Hilten PhD

Clinical Transfusion Research

Farmaco epidemiology and drug safety


1990 - PhD in Pharmacology, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Research interests
  • Costeffectiveness and safety of the use of blood products
  • Preventive applications of blood products
  • Risk perception of transfusions
  • Innovations in assessment and prediction of transfusion associated complications
  • Hemostasis and wound healing
  • Gene expression array
  • RT PCR
2012PABST Publisher Abstract Award at EACTA 2012
2011-presentPharmaceutical scientist clinical research
2004-presentMember of the Euroblood substitute consortium
2000-presentStaff scientist clinical research
1995-presentProjectmanager in quality assurance
1992Post-doc Institute of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University Erlangen/Nurnberg
Sanquin publications
Other publications

Fleming P, Spence A, van Hilten JA, Townsend E, Ferguson E. Expertise, expert-relevance and the use of context-driven heuristic processes in risk perception. J of Risk analysis 2012 (in press).

Boot JH, van Hilten JA. The use of the divalent calciumionophore A23187 as a biochemical Tool in pharmacological and in vitro toxicological studies. Cell structure and function 1996; 21:97-9

Van Hilten JA, Brune K, Bickel D, Mollenhauer J. Characterization of macrophage proteins bearing the functional leukotriene D4-binding site of an anti-cysteinyl leukotriene monoclonal antibody. Eur J Biochemistry 1993; 214:83-90.

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