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Vidi grant for talented Sanquin scientist

21 mei 2013

Klaas van Gisbergen PhD from the department Hematopoiesis receives a Vidi grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) for his research into the rapid immune responses from the immunological memory. Vidi is aimed at excellent researchers who following his/her PhD has carried out several years of research and in doing this has demonstrated the ability to independently generate and effect innovative ideas. The scientists are among the best ten to twenty percent of their field.

Improving immune responses
This grant makes it possible for Van Gisbergen to, for the next few years, focus on the rapid immune response seen with a second infection. After an infection immune cells that can recognize the pathogen remain in the immune system. These immune cells can react immediately during a second infection with the same pathogen so that we are better protected against a second infection. In the study the proteins that control these rapid responses will be characterized and manipulated to improve immune responses. The researchers hope to make an even more effective vaccine for in the future. Sanquin is proud of this recognition of the NWO and whishes Van Grisbergen success in carrying out his research.

Innovational incentive
Vidi is one of three financing forms of the Innovational Research Incentive. The other two forms are Veni (for researchers who recently obtained their PhD) and Vici (for senior researchers). The aim of the incentive is to encourage creativity and innovation in scientific research. The funding forms are tailored to the different stages of their scientific career.

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