Guest speakers

Regularly Sanquin invites guests from outside Sanquin to give a lecture. Usually twice a month a talk will be given by a Dutch scientist on Tuesday afternoon, followed by drinks. 

The topics range from molecular biology to immunology or transfusion medicine, attendance is free and all that are interested are very welcome!  All lectures are in English.  

Location, unless otherwise stated: Auditorium, Sanquin, Plesmanlaan 125, Amsterdam

15 November 2015
4.30 PM
Esther Nolte-’t Hoen PhD (Dept. Biochemistry & Cell Biology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Utrecht University)
'Isolation and Analysis of Extracellular
Vesicles: Promises and Pitfalls'
Martijn Nolte

Last edited on: 10 November 2016