Blood sampling and DNA sequencing

During DIS-III, blood samples will be collected for DNA isolation and sequencing, a full blood count and analyses of markers of iron metabolism. These blood samples will be taken when the donor visits the blood bank to donate. Donors who stopped donating will be invited separately.

DNA will be isolated, analysed and stored from these blood samples. A part of or the entire genome will be analysed, including high-throughput genotyping using the UK Biobank Axiom® Array (Affymetrix, CA, USA). There are 820,967 SNP and indel markers on this array, which is currently used in the UK to genotype 450,000 individuals from the UK Biobank, 50,000 individuals from the INTERVAL study and another 50,000 samples of the NIHR BioResource.

Last edited on: 18 August 2014