Thesis defense Roel Gazendam

28 September 2016 Agnietenkapel, Universiteit van Amsterdam On 28 September 2016 Roel Gazendam will defend his thesis ‘Neutrophil microbial killing mechanisms. Lessons learned from primary immunodeficiencies’ at the University of Amsterdam More information

CIDA Annual Symposium

29 September 2016 Sanquin, Amsterdam CIDA Annual Symposium on 29 September 2016. More information

Thesis defense Tamara Stegmann

29 September 2016 Agnietenkapel, Universiteit van Amsterdam On 29 September 2016 Tamara Stegmann will defend her thesis 'Immune responses to red blood cell antigens' at the University on Amsterdam. More information

Landsteiner Lecture William Muller

3 October 2016 Auditorium Sanquin On 3 October 2016 William Muller will give a lecture: 'Endothelial cell regulation of transendothelial migration’ More information

Guest speaker Rick Nieuwland

4 October 2016 Auditorium On 4 October 2016 guest speaker Rienk Nieuwland will give a lecture: 'Vesicles: blood, sweat and tears' More information