Landsteiner Lecture Brian Sutton

23 January 2017 Auditorium Sanquin On 23 January 2017 Brian Sutton will give a lecture: 'IgE in allergic disease - a dynamic target’ More information

Landsteiner Lecture Alan Lazarus

20 February 2017 Auditorium Sanquin On 20 February 2017 Alan Lazarus will give a lecture: ‘The mechanism of action of anti-D in preventing hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn: What do we really know?’’ More information

Landsteiner Lecture David Gailani

20 March 2017 Auditorium Sanquin On 20 March 2017 David Gailani will give a lecture: ‘Factor XI and the kallikrein-kinin system - novel targets for antithrombotic therapy’ More information

Sanquin Spring Seminars 2017

20 April 2017 to 21 April 2017 Rode Hoed, Amsterdam Sanquin Spring Seminars on Iron and anemia' will take place on 20-21 April 2017 More information

Landsteiner Lecture Doreen Cantrell

24 April 2017 Auditorium Sanquin On 24 April 2017 Doreen Cantrell will give a lecture: ‘The control of T cell metabolism and differentiation’ More information