Education and Training

Via its relations with Sanquin Blood Bank and the Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine (IDTM), Consulting Services offers tailor-made education programs at all levels of the transfusion organization.


Education goals

Educational programs are modular and follow specific interactive curricula in order to gain optimal results in both knowledge and skills. The programs focus on competent and sustained human capacity building.

Teaching and training activities can take place both in foreign countries as well as in the Netherlands.

Martin Smid gives presentation during workshop

Educational programs

All educational programs follow an agreed tailor-made curriculum and lead to a final report and a feasible Plan of Action.

The regular review of the educational programs secures effectiveness and sustainability of implementation.

IDTM and Sanquin: Master of Management of Transfusion medicine 

The Academic Institute for International Development of Transfusion Medicine (IDTM) offers a Postgraduate Master: the Master of Management of Transfusion Medicine (MMTM). This master is intended for (potential) leaders of blood supply in countries with restricted economies. The program resulted from the WHO initiative to improve blood supply organizations in the world. In this program students follow a real time exposure fellowship of six months in one of the Sanquin Blood Supply regions in The Netherlands. The MMTM takes approximately two years.

The MMTM program is a collaboration between IDTM, Sanquin, the University of Groningen (RUG) and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG).

More information and how to apply

Last edited on: 21 April 2015