1. Did you know that...

Sanquin has a Laboratory for Cell Therapy?

The Laboratory for Cell Therapy focuses on translational research in cellular therapies, generation of cellular products for clinical trials and handling stem cell products. The latest techniques are applied to accomplish this.

2.Did you know that...

Sanquin offers level and ADA kits for adalimumab and infliximab ?

The CE-IVD kits contain all reagents in ready to use format

3.Did you know that...

Sanquin offers 13 different plasma pharmaceuticals?

These plasma pharmaceuticals are extracted from blood and used as a medicine to treat about 100 different diseases.

4. Did you know that...

Sanquin is a good partner for co-development?

Our Research and Development departments aim to cooperate with companies active in compatible research and supply areas. Through co-development we aim to improve technology and products with mutual benefit.

5.Did you know that...

Sanquin developed world's first small fully automated blood group analyser

Magister C24 is the first fully automated blood group analyser specifically designed for laboratories with low throughput.

Masterclass Biologics 14 October 2016

Join our masterclass on Biologics - towards personalised medicine. The following topics will be covered: biologics assays, intra-lab comparisons, therapeutic drug monitoring, biosimilars, immunogenicity, tapering and ample networking opportunities.

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