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What is plasma used for?

Patients often only need a specific part of the blood, such as plasma. In these cases, your plasma can be administered. But plasma is also used to make important medicines.

Burns, loss of blood and medicines

Plasma is administered to patients with burns or severe blood loss. Additionally, we also create important medicines using blood plasma, such as clotting factors and antibodies.

Clotting factors

People with blood diseases (haemophilia) lack certain clotting factors, preventing their blood from clotting properly. This can lead to spontaneous bleeding. It can also have serious consequences during surgery and accidents. Clotting factors from donor plasma can help people with haemophilia lead practically normal lives.


Antibodies are needed for resistance against disease. Your body forms them after contamination with a pathogen or after vaccination. For certain diseases, such as hepatitis and tetanus, antibodies are used as a treatment. These antibodies are made with plasma from volunteer, unpaid Dutch donors with high levels of these specific antibodies in their blood.

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